Roy Cloud Auction

What a party! Thank you to all the organizers, donors and attendees who helped make the 2018 Hollywood Glam themed Auction a smash!

A school is as strong as the community that supports it, and Roy Cloud is an outstanding example of this philosophy in action. We are so thankful for the wide variety of families who stepped up to provide support this year’s auction, and we welcome new families to participate in the party planning in the future. It’s a very rewarding experience!

We are also incredibly grateful to all of you who helped raise funds through your generous donations and auction bids. This money will be used to benefit programs including P.E., arts, music and reading specialists, as well as this year’s Fund A Need. The 2018 Fund-A-Need will be invested in expanding and improving the health, wellness and outdoor lunch-recess experience for all students. This can include opening of the field during recess/lunch; hiring Legarza coaches to facilitate age appropriate recess activities DAILY for ALL grades, installing hydration station(s), and possibly additions to our playground equipment. A short video can be found here.

Checks are accepted anytime in the Auction Box in the school office. Please make checks payable to “Roy Cloud PTO” and indicate “FAN” in the memo.

Couldn’t make the auction? Didn’t have time to sign up for everything you wanted? Just click here and you can still opt in purchase parties, class events, summer camp deals, and many other fun items!

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Thank you, again, for your support!

With appreciation,

The 2018 Roy Cloud Auction Committee