Direct Donations

The Direct Donations Fall Campaign is the PTO’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year.

The PTO’s ability to fund numerous enrichment programs for our K-8 grade students is dependent on our supporters like you. These important programs – which our children LOVE and will not exist without continued parent donations – depend on your financial support. Our school relies on the engagement, generosity and direct support from our Roy Cloud families to enhance our children’s education.

In celebration of Roy Cloud’s 60th Anniversary and recognizing the PTO spends $660 per student annually, we ask you to donate $660 per child for this year’s 60 Years of Giving Direct Donation Campaign!

While we encourage this suggested donation from all parents, no donation is too small or too big. Give what you can and our entire student community will benefit from it. If you prefer not make a one-time donation, consider making monthly, recurring donations instead.

Each year we have increasing participation from our community of wonderful families. This year, our goal is to have every family contribute and achieve our goal of $175,000.

Please do your part to help as every student at Roy Cloud benefits from these wonderful enrichment programs. Most of these programs are no longer covered by funding from the state government and without the PTO supporting these programs for our students, our children would not have access to art, school counselors, physical education, and great technology resources, to name just a few ways the PTO community is helping our students become well-rounded individuals. All of our children benefit from our fundraising efforts.

Thank you again!

PTO Direct Donations Committee

Chair: Jolie Kalvaria

Committee: Alice Harkey Katie Machemer, Anne Boyd Rabkin, Leanna Staben

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Please give what you can, while keeping in mind our requested “fair share” donation of $660 per student. Your donation allows the PTO fund programs for your student for the 2017-2018 school year. Our goal is 100% participation for our Fall Fundraising Campaign. Kindly make your donation by October 31st.

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We would like to thank the following Roy Cloud Families for their generous 2017-2018 Direct Donation!

2017-2018 Roy Cloud Donor List

Updated 11.1.17

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How to Give:

  • Online: Click the blue button!
  • In Person or by Mail: Fill out the form below and mail or hand-deliver to the school office (address below).
  • Recurring Donation: Monthly recurring donation options are available using the form below or online using the link at
  • Make a Pledge: If you prefer to donate in 2018, please make a pledge prior to October 31, 2017. Using our online donation platform click the link at, select “deferred payment” under the payment methods pull-down menu.
  • Donation of Securities: Roy Cloud can now accept securities donations. This may provide significant tax advantages. More information is available at
  • Corporate Gift Matching: Don’t forget Corporate Gift Matching! Please email Stephanie Chen at if you plan to submit your donation for matching.


What does the Roy Cloud School PTO fund?

Art Classes by Arts4Schools

The PTO has brought in a visual arts program to be taught by professional arts instructors as part of the school day. These programs will provide quality arts education to our K-8 students through sequential lessons using a variety of mediums encouraging creativity. The art lessons also coordinate with students’ classroom curriculum to become an integral, enriching part of each child’s education.

Spanish Language Instruction

The PTO will be sponsoring a Spanish teacher for our seventh and eighth grade students this school year. Students will receive instruction twice a week which will serve as a foundation for high school language classes.

School Counselors

The PTO contracts with part-time, onsite counseling programs to support the elementary and middle school students.

School counseling needs are provided by StarVista’s School Based Counseling Services, which supports students in improving aspects of their lives that may lead to enhanced school performance and increased engagement in learning. The program includes qualified mental health clinicians onsite providing services, friendship counseling including assessment, crisis intervention, individual and group therapy, family therapy, psycho-education, classroom presentations, as well as extensive consultation and training with teachers, parents, administration, and other school support staff.

Investigative Learning

Mini-grants for teachers desiring additional classroom materials specific to Investigative Learning are provided by the PTO. A combination of inquiry-based and project-based learning, encourages students to wonder, question, explore, research, and evaluate using collaboration and dynamic problem solving.

Physical Education

Every kid deserves the benefits of a fun and engaging physical education program! Through a partnership with Sequoia Healthcare District, the PTO funds bi-weekly PE classes K-5 by Legarza. Trained coaches deliver comprehensive, standards-based PE curriculum for our students. They place the child and his/her personal development ahead of the game. Positive encouragement and measured improvement are trademarks of their program, as well as players learning to work together in a team setting. They also facilitate the recess activities for our students. The middle school PE is funded by the school district.

Reading Support

The PTO partially funds a dedicated Reading Support Specialist who supports all students that require extra reading assistance.

Science Workshops

The PTO contracts with Lawrence Hall of Science to provide hands on science lessons for K-5 students. These interactive, multi-sensory experiences stimulate curiosity and are much loved.

Music Enrichment

Music sessions with percussionist, James Henry, are highly anticipated by K-1 classes. He provides a wonderful foundation for music participation and appreciation. All 2nd-5th graders receive music education through Music for Minors funded by Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)


This year, due to the support of PTO parents, two additional Chromebook carts were purchased. This will allow grades 3-8 to be at a 1:1 device/student ratio! The PTO is committed to continuing to provide opportunities for students and teachers to utilize this technology.

Theater Arts

The PTO partners with local youth theater production companies to coordinate the production of musical theater with our students at Roy Cloud. Our spring play will be produced by the San Carlos Children’s Theater and is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization committed to educating youth in all aspects of theater production while nurturing creative expression, self-confidence, teamwork, and an appreciation for the arts.

After School Enrichment Programs

The PTO organizes on-site after school, optional programs to enhance learning among the student body that vary throughout the year. Possible programs this year may include coding classes, art programs, chess class, and STEM tech classes.


Teacher Stipends for Classroom Materials

Field Trip Funding

School Beautification

Roy Cloud Community Building Events such as Hot Rod Nightz

Staff Appreciation Events

Middle School Elective Program Funding

Student Scholarships and Assistance

Gifts to the Roy Cloud PTO are Tax Deductible
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