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Roy Cloud Enrichment Programs Spring-Winter 2018

The Roy Cloud PTO is proud to offer an exciting assortment of high quality Enrichment Programs for Spring-Winter 2018.

Enrichment Program Overview

All of the following classes are held on the Roy Cloud campus where students are able to stay in a safe and enriching environment, while also continuing to build community through sharing a common interest. We strive to provide vendors that offer classes which allow students to follow their interests, to enrich their curiosity, and to have fun.

For scheduling flexibility, students attending Workshop Enrichment or Neighborhood Kids’ Corner can also attend after school classes and return to Workshop Enrichment or Neighborhood Kids’ Corner when the class is over. In addition, some of our vendors offer supervision for K-2 students when classes begin on or after 2:50. Please see visit the vendors in the links, or contact the after school coordinators for more specific information.

While these classes are held on our campus and attended by our students, they are offered by, and run by, individual vendors. All payments and responsibility for attendance, questions, and other issues can be directed at the individual vendors by clicking the link to their websites.

Questions regarding the After School Program can be sent to the PTO After School Coordinators  Mary-Elizabeth Redner or Tiffany Gonzales.

Click the link below to download the full schedule

Spring-Winter After School Programs Schedule

Art Classes

CSMA Art Club – The winter session exploration topic is: The Science of Art! Students will draw, paint, and sculpt with support and instruction from CSMA faculty. Lessons are inspired by techniques and styles of contemporary artists that approach art in ways that scientists do

Kinder Art Club is offered on Wednesdays 1:35-2:35pm in room #15. The session will run from  1/24-5/23 with no class on 3/14 and 4/11. Cost is $240 for 16 weeks.

Grades 1-2 classes are offered on Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm in room #11. The session will run from 1/16-5/22 with no class 2/20, 3/13, and 4/10. Cost is $240 for 16 weeks.

The art teacher meets all students in the quad and walks them to their room.

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Young Rembrandts – Our elementary-age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success. We give them skills to express their creativity, and believe that all children can – and should – learn to draw. You’ll see increased art abilities, learning skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Grades K-5 classes are

offered on Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm in room #31 from 4/05-5/31 with no class 4/12 or 4/19. Cost is $104 for  7 weeks.

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Language Classes

Learn Spanish – Basic introduction to Spanish incorporating music and movement. This class is tailored to children who are new to the language using interactive fun activities to encourage students’ interest and ease their language process. The emphasis of this class is mostly on listening and speaking with little exposure to reading and writing.

Grades K-3 classes are offered as a Monday/Wednesday class in the library. Students enrolled must attend both sessions weekly. The winter session will cover Monday 11/27 – Wednesday 2/28 with no class 1/15 and 2/19.

To register: sessions are on-going and continue the following week of a session ending. If you are interested in enrolling your child after the registration dates, please contact Wendy at Universe of Colors 650-401-8368 or via email at

Science and Technology Classes

More Minecraft Adventures – More worlds! New Adventures! Great for new or continuing students. In this exceptional class, we continue our explorations in MinecraftEdu with fun, guided activities and learning adventures. Plus, we focus on collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Let’s bring teamwork and imagination to Minecraft and watch the creative juices flow!

Grades 3-5 are offered on Tuesdays 2:55-4:25pm in Room 30. Sessions will run from 1/30-5/8. Cost is $270 for 13 sessions.

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Circuits and Creativity – Who says you can’t mix art and technology? Welcome to the new world of drawing and crafting circuits. No soldering. No headboards. And no complications. In this fun class, students make light-up take-home artwork, as well as explore components in hands-on construction projects. Kids will stretch their creative brains and get to see first hand how circuits work!

Grades 1-3 classes are offered on Wednesdays 2:55-3:55pm in Room #20. There is supervision by the Sparkiverse Labs teacher for 1st and 2nd graders starting at 2:30pm. Sessions will run from 1/24-5/9. Cost is $320 for 14 sessions.

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Mad Science – Mad Science is an after-school enrichment program conducted all over the Bay Area. They specialize in a unique brand of entertaining and hands-on science activities, that instill a clearer understanding of how science affects the world around them. In Mad Science courses, “students are able to touch, hear, smell, and taste what science is really all about!” The spring session course is “NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers”. Students will explore space travel by racing balloon rockets, and designing their own car engines. They will learn all about the atmosphere and beyond, Sun and Stars, Rocket Science,

Planets and the Moon, Space Phenomena, Living in Space, and so much more!

Grades 1-2 classes are offered on Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm in Room #19 for the duration of 4/17-5/29. Cost is $124 for 7 sessions.

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Wizbots Robotics – Come join Wizbots after school for Robotics & Coding Lab. Wizbots is the best place for kids to learn the art and science of building robots. Perfect for novices and advanced students, alike, they will all learn engineering, Java programming, math & physics in a completely hands-on way. Wizbots is THE premier place for girls and boys to learn the art and science of robotics. Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and Java coding, our labs are a great way for kids to dabble in robotics programming and design for the first time or build on skills they have already developed. Exercising both creativity and problem-solving, students learn engineering, programming, math, and physics through our unique, gamified curriculum in a hands-on, collaborative way guided by experienced and caring mentors. Parents can experience all the fun too with student project videos posted online to see and share!

Grades 3-8 classes are offered on Mondays 3:00-4:30pm in Room 5. Sessions will run from 4/16-5/21. Cost is $168 for 6 sessions.

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Recreation Classes

Bay Area Chess provides professional chess instruction tailored to each student’s skill level. Students will learn the rules of the game, basic strategy, tactics, endgames and advanced strategy while progressing at their level.

Grades 1-8 classes are offered on Thursdays 1:35-2:35pm in Room 6. Chess Coaches will pick up 1st graders at their rooms and walk them to the room. Sessions will run from 1/25-5/24 with no class on 4/12. Note: All returning Kinder will be accepted.

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Junior Chef Stars Cooking Class – Come spend your spring afternoons cooking delicious meals with Junior Chef Stars in this very popular class! Students will learn a variety of basic culinary techniques while cooking up some delicious springtime treats!

Grades 1-5 classes are offered on Tuesdays 3:00:-4:15pm in the Room #7. Sessions will run from 4/17-5/29. Cost is $222 for 7 sessions. First and second graders are in Room #18 with supervision by chef teacher starting at 2:25-2:55pm. They will be walked over to Room 7 at 2:55.

Any kinders enrolled in the class will not have supervision from 1:30-2:25 – they can join the supervision in the library  if needed at 2:25. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide supervision from 1:30-2:25 for their kindergartener.

Click here to register. Navigate to the calendar, find Roy Cloud’s start date, and select on class.

Bookopolis Book Club! – A book club espeically for 4th-6th graders that inspires students to love reading by engaging in peer discussions, diggging deep into books through creative book projects, playing book related games, and gving students the time and suport to read. We will read and discuss three books that expose students to new genres. All books are included in registration costs. Book clubs make reading FUN for both bookworms and reluctant readers, and help students develop their comprehension and analysis skills. Note: Interested third graders are welcome.

Grades 4-6 classes are offered on Tuesdays 3:00:-4:00pm in the Library. Sessions will run from 1/23-4/3 with no class on 2/20 or 3/13. Cost is $200 for 10 sessions, fee includes 3 books.

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Ukulele Classes! Ukulele class is a fun 10-week course designed specifically to introduce students to the ukulele. Students will learn correct hand position, finger picking and strumming styles, note and rhythm reading, and will learn to play popular, traditional, and classical tunes like “Riptide,” “Oh Susanna,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “Ode to Joy.” Students must bring their own ukulele, and each student will receive a method book. Students will be divided into groups based on grade level.

Grades K-8 classes are offered on Thursdays 1:45:-2:30pm in the Library computer room. Sessions will run from 3/22-5/31. Cost is  $252 + $20 course materials fee for 9 sessions.

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Piano Class! A fun 10-week class designed specifically for K-8th grade students. Students will develop the foundations of piano playing, including correct hand position and posture; will learn to read notes and rhythms; and will learn to play popular, traditional, and classical songs. Keyboards will be provided at class, and each student will receive a lesson book. Students will be divided into small groups based on grade level

Grades K-8 classes are offered on Thursdays 1:45:-2:30pm in room #13. The session will run from 3/22-5/31 with no class on  4/12-4/19. Cost is $260 + $20 course materials fee  for 10 sessions.

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Redwood City After School Sports – The Redwood City After School Sports Program is a year-round, school-based sports program that is provided by the Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department, in collaboration with the Sheriff’s Activities League, the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, and supported by the Redwood City Police Activities League. We provide programs that encourage good sportsmanship, teamwork, and mutual respect in order to build a strong community within Redwood City.  We promote life skills development by providing a safe place for youth to engage in physical activity that develops their talents and self-esteem.

Practice days and times vary by coach and usually begin 2-3 weeks prior to the start of league games. Practices are generally between 4-7pm and can be any day of the week. Generally, game days and times are Monday through Thursday at 4, 5, or 6pm. Games are played two times per week (M/W or T/TH), are approximately one hour in length, and are played at various locations throughout Redwood City.

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General Enrichment Programs

Workshop Enrichment – ”Study Skills and Innovation,” the Daily award-winning after school Study Skills and Innovation enrichment classes with flexible scheduling. We charge $20 an hour for our enrichment classes with discounts for siblings. Parents are only billed for the classes their child attends. Flexible with after-school programs. Students can attend after- school classes, and come back to workshop after class.

Grades K -8 are offered daily from school dismissal until 6pm, Workshop is available only on days that school is in session for students.

Click here to register, spaced limited.

Ingenium EnrichmentAn off site after-school enrichment program for students K-5. Students are picked up at Roy Cloud and transported to the Ingenium location at Roosevelt Plaza. Enrichment actvities include art, science, cooking, and much more. Flexible scheduling is offered, so students that want to stay on campus for other after school classes can do so on other days of the week.

Grades K -5 are provided daily pick up at Roy Cloud campus with transportation to their offsite location.

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On Campus Before/After-School Care

Kid’s Corner: An on-site, licensed child care center at Roy Cloud.  We are open year around, catering to working families in the Roy Cloud School community.  Children from kindergarten through 7th grade are welcome to participate in our program.  We are opent 7:15 am Monday through Friday.  During the school year we close at 8:15 when the children are in school and re-open at 1:30 for kindergarten children.  We close at 6:15 in the evening.  Our staff to child ratio is 1 to 10, we serve a healthy snack every afternoon, have a dedicated homework room Monday through Thursday, are open all day most of the days during the school year when school is closed, and transport children one way to sports practices, religion classes, etc up until 4:15 every afternoon as long as the location is west of the El Camino and in Redwood City.  This service is on a first come, first served basis. We have been on-site at Cloud for 34 years under the same ownership.  Our phone number for further information is 650-365-6117.


All our after school program providers are independent companies who each maintain their own enrollment policies and processes.  There is no central reservation system for after school programs.

Vendors, teachers and the After School Activities Coordinator make every effort to get every student to the programs’ location, however it is the parent’s responsibility to direct their child to the correct location, especially on the first day of class.