Welcome back to school and welcome to the new families joining our Roy Cloud community this school year!  To kick off 2018-2019, we wanted to provide our community with an update on the 2018 Fund-a-Need (FAN) project.

Increased time with Legarza

Our students will begin the school year looking forward to lunchtime even more!  The Roy Cloud PTO has increased our contract with our amazing Legarza coaches to stay during lunch recess. This increased time will provide our students with a lower student to adult supervision ratio. More importantly, our Legarza coaches will provide opportunities for students to engage in structured games, learn new skills and foster inclusive play.  Additional support from Legarza will also provide the opportunity for students to spread out on campus during recess, when appropriate. With additional supervision, students can now choose to spend time on the baseball field. Once the school year is in full swing, ask your child about the great changes happening at lunch recess!

Hydration Station

Coming soon, a water hydration station will be installed outside the MUB (multi-use building) to ensure students are properly hydrated during school and after school. Many schools are installing these systems to allow students to fill up their water bottles throughout the day.  The unit has been ordered and will arrive in about 5 weeks. Here is an example of the model we ordered for Roy Cloud:

Reimagining the Playground

A huge THANK YOU to FAN 2018 Team Member and Roy Cloud parent, Roger Dettloff, for making a lot of headway this summer on the changes we want to make to the playground. Here are some of the items you will begin to see take shape early in the school year:

  • New Funnel ball set up has been ordered and RCSD facilities will install when it arrives (about 4 weeks)

  • New Low Basketball hoops and the parts have been ordered (should arrive in about 5 weeks).  RCSD Facilities agreed to perform the installation over a weekend. Scheduling of installation is still in process

Playground Redesign

  • Our team is working with a few organizations to learn about designing and building school playgrounds: Kaboom (a non-profit that recently built a playground at Garfield School), California Playgrounds and California Playground Builders. This work is complex and is still in the early stages.  Check back soon for more information once the school year gets underway.

Here’s to a great school year and thank you to our awesome Roy Cloud Families for supporting the 2018 FAN!

If you have any questions about the 2018 FAN, you can email Pam Bartfield.


You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated.” – M. Jocelyn Elders, M.D. – U.S. Former Surgeon General