Fund-A-Need 2018

Welcome to the Roy Cloud School Fund-a-Need 2018 project! Thank you to all of the generous donors making this huge endeavor possible. These incredible upgrades for all students are possible because of you. Monies raised for the 2018 Fund-a-Need totaled $67K.

Increased time with Legarza

The Roy Cloud PTO adjusted the contract with Legarza to allow for supervision during all recesses for all grades. This increased time provides students with a lower student to adult supervision ratio. More importantly, Legarza coaches provide opportunities for students to engage in structured games, learn new skills and foster inclusive play. This additional support from Legarza also allows students to utilize the entire campus, including the baseball field that was otherwise restricted area due to lack of supervision. We now have 2 persons for morning recess M-TH and 2 persons for lunch recess M-F.

All New PE Equipment for 6-8, All New Classroom Playground Equipment For K-5 and More!

Middle school received all new equipment for hockey, soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball and more. Based on a teacher survey all K-5 classrooms received new playground equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, play balls, jump ropes, soccer goals, frisbees and a few air pumps to inflate the balls. We also ordered two bean bag board games for the kindergarteners. All new equipment has been in use since early September, 2018.

Hydration Station

A water hydration station was installed September 2018 outside the MUB (multi-use building) facing the lunch tables. Students love this new system-they now fill their water bottles outside and anytime. The station also has a traditional style drinking fountain but with a clean new upgrade! This new system is efficient and more sanitary than the older traditional drinking fountains.

Reimagining the Playground

A huge THANK YOU to FAN 2018 Team Member and Roy Cloud parent, Roger Dettloff, for leading the largest and most complex portion of this project.

Large Playground Addition

  • A phenomenal new fitness structure is planned for install on the blacktop opposite the middle school quad, adjacent to the baseball cage. Research began early summer 2018 on different playground structure options. Many factors necessary while deliberating options included, but were not limited to: safety, clearance, usage, cost, size, and accessibility. Obtaining approvals from local administration, district facilities, superintendent, district architect division and the fire marshall take time and persistence! For a closer look at the fitness structure and placement, click ​here​. A larger, cushioned surface will serve as the base. This cushioned surface was deliberately ordered larger to allow for safe and fun play around the structure. Estimated date of completion: August 2019.

  • New l​ow basketball hoop installed first week of January 2019, facing the fire lane on the blacktop. Students of all ages love these lower hoops. The kinder students now have a smaller hoop closer to their play yard.
  • New f​unnel ball toss in the Kinder playground, installed December 2018.

Blacktop Stencil Work

Fifteen stencils for the blacktop have been purchased from a company called Fit and Fun Playscapes. Bright, fun stencils encouraging creative inclusive play will be painted onto the blacktop with age appropriate stencils in the kinder area. All students participated in a survey and chose their top 3 favorites! Stencil layout has been carefully placed considering foot traffic, PE instruction and safety. Click ​here​ for a look at the stencil layout. Estimated date of completion: Spring break, April 2019. However, this project could possibly be pushed into the summer due to the nature of the job. The paint is most successful when allowed to set without disruption for several days. Painters are currently being interviewed.

Total Cost Breakdown

  • FAN 2018 Total Funds Raised: $69,064
  • Total Donors: 188
  • Legarza, additional hours: $20,000
  • New PE Equipment: $6,606.78
  • Hydration Station, install and purchase: $6,617.93
  • Fitness Playground Structure including soft surface, install and purchase: $43,000
  • Lower Basketball Hoop, purchase and install: $5,311
  • Funnel Ball Toss: $639.87
  • All Stencils: $5,611.50
  • Paint Supplies/Sundries for Stencil project: TBD
  • Labor for painting stencils: TBD
  • Delta to be funded from the PTO General Fund

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated towards this project. As you can see, it was a huge undertaking and will be enjoyed by many families for years to come! Not only will this project yield a visually appealing and impressive change to the campus, but more importantly will increase safety, improve inclusive play for all students and ultimately contribute to a healthy and happy child!

You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated.”​ – ​M. Jocelyn Elders, M.D. – U.S. Former Surgeon General