Thanks to the generosity of our community, Roy Cloud families raised $71,000 with an additional $4,500 from corporate matching funds to support this year Health and Wellness Fund-A-Need! We are so thankful for our generous community of families in supporting this project.

We have organized a team of parents from a variety of grade levels to help with overseeing the implementation and spending. Here are some of the exciting things you can expect to see in the upcoming school year:

Increased time with Legarza

About half of the funds will be allocated to increase time with our awesome Legarza coaches during lunch recess. Legarza coaches will not only provide a much needed ratio decrease to the current student to adult lunch supervision ratios; they will also provide opportunities for students to engage in structured games, learn new skills and foster inclusive play.

Hydration Station

A water hydration station will be installed outside the MUB, our Multi-Use Building, to ensure students are properly hydrated during school and after school. Many schools are installing these systems to allow students to fill up their water bottles throughout the day.

Playground Equipment

Our team is currently in looking into getting quotes or meeting with District Office personnel on the following ideas:

  • Adding lower basketball hoops for our younger grades
  • Either moving our current soccer goals on the field or purchasing smaller ones
  • Adding climbing structures on the playground
  • Replace the funnel on the funnel-ball game behind the kindergarten playground
  • Revamp and add fun playground stencils, you can find examples at

If you have any questions about FAN, please contact Pam Bartfield.

You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated.” – M. Jocelyn Elders, M.D. – U.S. Former Surgeon General