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Roy Cloud Enrichment Offerings Spring 2017

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Registration for Spring 2017 is now open!

The Roy Cloud PTO is proud to offer an exciting assortment of high quality Enrichment Programs for Spring 2017. Some of our classes started in January, and continue through May. Others are starting a new Spring session. Please refer to new Spring Registrations below if you would like to sign your child up for a new session.

Registration for Spring 2017 is now open!

All classes are held on the Roy Cloud campus where students are able to stay in a safe and enriching environment while also continuing to build community through sharing a common interest.
For scheduling flexibility, please note that students attending Workshop after school can also attend after-school enrichment classes and return to Workshop when the class is over.

Many of our classes also offer supervision for k-2 students when classes begin on or after 2:50. Please see visit the website above for class descriptions.

Please note that these classes are offered by invidual vendors. All payments and responsiblities for attendance, questions, and other issues can be directed at the individual vendors by fowlling the link to their websites.

Other questions regarding the PTO Enrichment Program can be sent to the PTO Enrichment Coordinators Mary-Elizabeth Redner at and Tiffany Gonzales at

Courses at a Glance

Click here for a pdf of classes by Day of Week

ProgramGrade LevelDay of WeekTimeLocationSession Dates
Workshop Enrichment

Kids Corner/Day Care
Sue Keely
CSMA Art Club1st-2ndTues2:30-3:30Room 201/17-5/16
CSMA Art ClubKThurs1:35-2:35Room 211/19-5/11
Young Rembrants Drawing ClassK-5Thurs1:40-2:40Room 34/20-6/1
Spanish Contact WendyK-3rdTues/Thurs7:30-8:10amLibraryongoing
Coding Clubs3-5Tues7:30-8:00Libraryover for this year, check back in fall
Coding Clubs5-8Tues or Thurs7:30-8:00Libraryover for this year, check back in fall
Circuit Contraptions1st-3rdWed2:50-3:50Room 151/18-4/19
Wizbots Robotics3rd-8thMon3:00-4:30Room 73/27-5/22
Chess1st-8thThurs1:35-2:35Room 303/30-6/1
Hip Hop, sign up at first classK-5Thurs1:35-2:25Libraryongoing
Winter Cooking Class1st-5thFri3:00-4:15Room 74/3-6/5

Class Descriptions

Art Classes

CSMA Art Club-This session’s exploration topic is: Discover Art: Past and Present. Students will draw, paint, and sculpt with support and instruction from CSMA faculty. We will begin the journey in the ancient world and progress to the modern/contemporary art. Students will creat works of art inspired by the artists and cultures that influenced our history. Techers develop a new curriculum with each new session.
Grades 1-2: offered on Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm in room #20 (art teacher meets all students in the quad and walks them to room #20)
*New Class!**
KinderArt Club (same class as above, but tailored for kinders!): offered on Thursdays 1:35-2:35pm in room #21
To register: (go to “In School Programs”, then “After School Clubs”)

Young Rembrandts – Our elementary-age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success. We give them skills to express their creativity, and believe that all children can – and should – learn to draw. You’ll see increased art abilities, learning skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. Our budding artists will have the opportunity to flex their creative muscle as they take on fun, artistic challenges like our Jack Russell Terrier and even More Emojis in the month of January. February brings fun and culture into the classroom as our students’ learn about masquerade and dive into the mind of master artist Romero Britto. And in the month of March, get ready for some dinosaur-sized excitement as your elementary student recreates the ferocious T-Rex Young Rembrandts style!
Grades K-5 (ages 6-12): offered on Thursdays 1:40-2:40pm in Room #3 (Parent volunteer will pick up Kindergartners at their class and walk them to room #3)
To register

Language Classes:

Learn Spanish!– Basic introduction to Spanish incorporating music and movement. This class is tailored to children who are new to the language using interactive fun activities to encourage students’ interest and ease their language process. The emphasis of this class is mostly on listening and speaking with little exposure to reading and writing.
Grades K-3: offered as a Monday/Wednesday class or a Tuesday/Thursday class 7:30-8:10am in the library
To register: If you are interested in enrolling your child after the registration dates (check Enrichment Schedule), please contact Wendy at Universe of Colors 650-401-8368, or email
(Class rates will be prorated if registering after registration date)

Science and Technology Classes:

(Over for the year – check back in the fall)
Coding Clubs
-computer science and coding exploration with 3 different class options: a beginner programming class using Scratch (for students with little or no programming experience), Advanced Scratch (for students who were in Coding Club last year), and Web Programming. (Grades 3-8)
Grades 3-5: offered on Tuesdays 7:30-8:00 in the library
Grades 5-8: offered on Tues or Thurs 7:30-8:00 in the library
To register: Contact for more info. or register: (this class is free)

Circuit Contraptions: We’re rolling out the newest craze to hit the kids’ market – littleBits as seen on TED! Does your student love to explore and build with hands-on, creative activities? Let’s take that excitement and add in electronics and circuits! Students use littleBits and other cool circuits that move, light, and make noise to create amazing contraptions.We designed this class to be a stress-free and fun way for students to step into STEM classes. In this one- of-a-kind course, we introduce students to the principles of electronics and circuits.Then we challenge the campers to combine their imagination with this technical knowledge to build projects. Students assemble a wide variety of electrical components from our Lab, such as infrared light sensors, potentiometers, motors, servos, oscillators, fans, delays, synthesizers, speakers, microphones, and keyboards to build and power their creations.Who knew oscillators could be so much fun!There’s no soldering. And no breadboards. Instead students explore circuits through unique activities that combine learning the science of circuits with hands-on building.
Grades 1-3: offered on Wednesdays 2:50-3:50pm in Room #15 (there is supervision by the Sparkiverse Labs teacher for 1st and 2nd graders from 2:30-2:50pm)
To register:

Wizbots Robotics: Learn the art & science of building robots! BUILD. CODE. PLAY. Take LEGO MINDSTORMS® and throw in unique building materials, crafts, and an ever-expanding supply of advanced robotic sensors. Stundents will program robots in Java, one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. They will play the Path to Mastery Game which is all about fun and creativity! Journey from Novice to Master tackling new project challenges with each move. Students will learn engineering, programming, math & physics in a completely hands-on way. The journey is deep, so students can join season after season and always try something new! Parents will get to see all the fun too as each child’s project videos are posted online to see and share.
Grades 3-8: offered on Mondays 3:00-4:30pm in Room #7
To register:

Recreation Classes:

Bay Area Chess-provides professional chess instruction tailored to each student’s skill level. Students will learn the rules of the game, basic strategy, tactics, endgames and advanced strategy while progressing at their level.
Grades 1-8: offered on Thursdays 1:35-2:35pm in Room #30 (Chess Coaches will pick up 1st graders at their rooms and walk them to room #30.)
To register:

Hip-Hop-energy filled and fun hip-hop dance class for all levels! Taught by an experienced teacher at Studios Broadway.
Grades K-5: offered on Thursdays 1:35-2:35pm in the library.
To register: registration forms will be available after class – just show up!

Winter Cooking Class – Come spend your winter afternoons cooking delicious meals with Junior Chef Stars!  Students will learn a variety of basic culinary techniques to cook to keep themselves and their loved ones warm and happy throughout the cold Winter months.
Grades 1-5: offered on Fridays 3:00-4:15 in Room #7 (supervision for 1st and 2nd graders done by chef teacher in room #14 2:25-2:50, and then he will walk them over to room #7 and meet the 3rd-5th graders)
To register: (go to calendar, find Roy Cloud’s start date 1/20, click on class.)

Workshop Education: Daily award-winning after school Study Skills and Innovation enrichment classes with flexible scheduling. We charge $20 an hour for our enrichment classes with discounts for siblings. Parents are only billed for the classes their child attends.
Grades K -8: offered daily from school dismissal until 6 p.m. only on days that school is in session for students
To register: spaced limited, register online at

Note that our after school program providers are independent companies who each maintain their own enrollment policies and processes.  There is no central reservation system for after school programs.

Vendors, teachers and the After School Activities Coordinator make every effort to get every student to the programs’ location, however it is the parent’s responsibility to direct their child to the correct location, especially on the first day of class.