After School Programs

Roy Cloud Enrichment Offerings Fall 2016

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Roy Cloud is proud to offer the following enrichment classes for our students. While many families have current commitments in this area, these are high quality programs at our school site.  This means that students are able to stay in a safe and enriching environment while also continuing to build community sharing a common interest.  These programs depend on a minimum number of students enrolling in order to run the program, so if you are interested, please do enroll!

All classes are held on site at Roy Cloud. Click on the link for each program for registration  Registration is currently open, with many set to close registration on September 9th.  Also, please note that we are working to extend this list to include other programs as interest and feedback are provided.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the After School Program Coordinators –Mary-Elizabeth Redner: and Tiffany Gonzales:

Courses at a Glance
or Click here for a pdf of classes by Day of Week

ProgramGrade LevelDay of WeekTimeLocationSession Dates
Workshop Enrichment

Kids Corner/Day Care
Sue Keely
Arts4All Art Club1st-2ndTues2:30-3:30Room 209/13-12/6 (no class 11/22)
Young Rembrants Drawing Class1st-6thThurs1:35-2:35Room 39/15-12/8 (no class 11/24)
Christina's Art Adventures1st-5thTues3:00-4:00Room 199/6-12/20 (no class 11/22)
Creativity and Circuitry1st-3rdWed2:50-3:50Room 159/21-12/1 (no class 11/23)
Minecraft Adventures4th-6thMon2:50-4:20Room 409/19-12/12 (no class 10/17 or 11/21)
Coding Club3rd-8thTues and Thurs7:30-8amComputerlab9/13-12/15 (No cost for admission)
Spanish Contact WendyK-3rdTues/Thurs7:30-8:10amLibraryContact
ChessK-8thThurs1:35-2:35Room 309/15-12/8
Streaming Fix2nd-4thTues2:50-3:50Library9/27-11/15
Stop Motion 2nd-5thThurs1:35-2:35Room 79/29-11/17
Hip Hop, sign up at first classK-5Thurs1:35-2:30MUB9/22-11/17

Class Descriptions

Bay Area Chess-provides professional chess instruction tailored to each student’s skill level. Students will learn the rules of the game, basic strategy, tactics, endgames and advanced strategy while progressing at their level. (Grades 1-8) to register. 

Arts4All Art Club-Students will explore a range of artistic materials and mediums with the support and instruction from CSMA faculty teachers. They will create unique works of art with materials such as paint, oil pastels, clay, and cut paper. A new curriculum is developed each new session. (Grades 1-2, and Grades 3-5) to register.

Christina’s Art Adventure-Art Adventure Program led by Christina Stenstrom who has a Masters in Education, with over 10 years experience working with elementary students. Your child is sure to be engaged each week as Christina’s lessons thrive on your child’s artistic passions and interests. Students will gain new perspectives in art and be empowered to dream big! (Grades 1-5) to register.—After-School-.html

Young Rembrandts – Our elementary-age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success. We give them skills to express their creativity, and believe that all children can – and should – learn to draw. You’ll see increased art abilities, learning skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. (Grades 1-6) to register.

Minecraft Adventures– take what kids love about Minecraft and weave in learning, collaboration, and teamwork. Students will explore and build in the challenges and adventures that the Sparkiverse Labs has created. Emphasis is put on building and exploration, and encouraging students to put their Minecraft skills to creative use. (Grades 4-6) to register.

Creativity & Circuits-the perfect blend of learning and creativity where students explore circuits and electricity through drawing with conductive ink. Students work on light-up take-home projects, attach motors, buzzers, and LEDs in the hands-on construction projects, and more! (Grades 1-3 with supervision by lab teacher in the classroom for 1st and 2nd graders until 2:50 when 3rd graders arrive) to register.

Learn Spanish– Basic Introduction to Spanish incorporating music and movement. The Tuesday/Thursday is currently full. If you are interested in enrolling your child in a before school Monday/Wednesday class, contact Wendy at Universe of Colors 650-401-8368, or email

Hip-Hop-energy filled and fun hip-hop dance class for all levels! Taught by an experienced teacher at Studios Broadway. (Grades K-5) To register email Tiffany:

Stop Motion Experience– a full 360° immersion into the world of stop motion filmmaking! Students work in groups rotating through filming stations around the room collaborating as an entire class on videos using 4 different styles of stop motion animation. Students will work in groups to write, direct, film, and produce in a safe and fun environment while also learning the ins and outs of the streaming world. (Grades 2-5) to register. 

Streaming Fix-this program gives kids a crash course in creating their own web shows and YouTube channels. Students will work in groups to write, direct, film, and produce in a safe and fun environment while also learning the ins and outs of the streaming world. (Grades 2-4) to register.

Coding Clubs-computer science and coding exploration with 3 different class options: a beginner programming class using Scratch (for students with little or no programming experience), Advanced Scratch (for students who were in Coding Club last year), and Web Programming. (Grades 3-8) Contact for more info. or register:

Note that our after school program providers are independent companies who each maintain their own enrollment policies and processes.  There is no central reservation system for after school programs.

Vendors, teachers and the After School Activities Coordinator make every effort to get every student to the programs’ location, however it is the parent’s responsibility to direct their child to the correct location, especially on the first day of class.