Roy Cloud Parent and Teacher Organization


Hello Roy Cloud families and welcome to the PTO webpage!

Another school year is well underway and the campus has come alive again with students, staff and families. PTO board members are busy working on new and ongoing projects, some of which are now visible.

Beautiful new flowers are blooming in pots, freshly painted signs and murals and banners are everywhere. Science will soon take off on a whole different level in the garden and Legarza coaches are present during all recesses, engaging and supervising students. New and improved playground additions are on their way, while technology, art and music take shape indoors. These are only a few of the programs the PTO proudly supports.

Our webpage is being cleaned up and streamlined. Please explore, periodically check back as we continue to update information and improve the efficiency of communication. Are you receiving the weekly newsletter? It’s easy! Click here to sign up and you won’t miss out on this helpful newsletter!

Thank you to everyone who attended the first PTO meeting-what a fantastic turn out! We sincerely appreciate your time, the suggestions, comments and feedback are exactly what we need. Improvements have already been implemented based on the feedback received.

The month of September brings two events of importance:

  • Back to School Night is Tuesday September 4th, click here for details.
  • The movie showing of ANGST is on Tuesday September 18, click ( here for details.

The September PTO meeting has been changed to Thursday September 20, to accommodate for the ANGST movie showing. I look forward to seeing another packed meeting!

I’d also like to acknowledge our new principal Diane Prystas and assistant principal Kristy Jackson for their devotion and tireless hours during the start of the school year. Your hard work is deeply appreciated.

As always, email me with any questions.

Yvonne Sarles